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The upgrading works will consist of cabling and network configuration to ensure that the ICT connectivity and network is at optimum.

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Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia

MCKK ICT Infrastructure Upgrade

RM30,196.00 Raised
31 Backers
30 Days Left
Goal: RM120,000.00
Minimum amount is RM10 Maximum amount is RM1000000
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  • The MOE has provided internet connectivity for MCKK with the last upgrade in 2015. Currently there is a dedicated bandwidth of 100mbps, the internet strength is considered strong enough to facilitate a robust teaching and learning environment for students and teachers throughout the whole MCKK.
  • However, the last mile connectivity to classrooms is dated and, in many cases, not available.
  • Starting from 2021, students are allowed to bring their own devices such as laptops and tablets to be used in their teaching and learning activities. Following this, there is a need to ensure that the ICT connectivity and network is at optimum to ensure that such teaching and learning activities can take place smoothly.
  • The upgrading will consist of cabling and network configuration to enable internet connectivity in all classrooms, labs and special rooms that are being used in teaching and learning processes.
  • The upgrading works will also provide internet connectivity to the IBDP Block which is sited away from the main academic block.
  • Included in the plan is to enable internet connectivity in all student hostels and finally at the teachers’ quarters within the MCKK property.
  • The total costs estimated is at about RM120,000. With adequate funds, the project can start immediately and can be ready for use before the end of 2021.
Name Contribution Amount Date
Anonymous RM100.00 25 January 2022 2:19 AM
Wan Mohd Faisal Wan Talib RM100.00 6 January 2022 2:04 AM
ridza bin zainal abidin RM200.00 1 January 2022 10:42 AM
Anonymous RM200.00 6 December 2021 9:53 AM
Anonymous RM100.00 20 November 2021 10:56 AM
rijaluddin salleh RM100.00 14 September 2021 10:24 AM
Anonymous RM9,296.00 2 September 2021 2:03 PM
Anonymous RM100.00 27 August 2021 8:25 AM
Anonymous RM1,000.00 27 August 2021 4:00 AM
AZAH SULAIMAN RM100.00 27 August 2021 2:02 AM
Anonymous RM50.00 27 August 2021 1:56 AM
Anonymous RM100.00 27 August 2021 1:51 AM
Anonymous RM100.00 26 August 2021 10:31 PM
Anonymous RM100.00 20 August 2021 1:58 PM
Nor Nasyriq Shahirudin RM200.00 20 August 2021 8:01 AM
Mohd Hanafiah Mohd Zain RM50.00 16 August 2021 3:05 PM
Anonymous RM100.00 14 August 2021 12:21 PM
Anonymous RM100.00 13 August 2021 11:43 PM
Anonymous RM100.00 5 August 2021 11:24 PM
Anonymous RM5,000.00 5 August 2021 11:20 PM
AHMAD FADZIL MOHAMAD HANI RM1,000.00 5 August 2021 1:26 PM
Nazlihasri Abdul Rahman RM100.00 3 August 2021 2:06 PM
Anonymous RM100.00 3 August 2021 12:09 PM
Anonymous RM100.00 2 August 2021 11:44 PM
Hashim Amidi Ahmad RM1,000.00 2 August 2021 9:06 AM
Mohammad Jefri Mokhtar RM200.00 1 August 2021 5:59 AM
Abdul Aziz Mohd Kaus RM100.00 1 August 2021 5:15 AM
Musa Kasmin RM100.00 31 July 2021 11:41 PM
Fakhrul Khir RM200.00 31 July 2021 4:44 PM
Khalilur Rahman Ebrahim RM10,000.00 31 July 2021 5:02 AM
Ahmad Redza Khairuddin RM100.00 31 July 2021 4:39 AM