The MCKK Fund Raising Initiative

Welcome to the MCKK Fund Raising platform, where the Malay College Old Boys Association (MCOBA), The MCKK Foundation (Foundation) and Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru The Malay College Kuala Kangsar (PIBG) (collectively MCKK Stakeholders) under the auspices of the MCKK Board of Governors, invite everyone – alumni of MCKK (MCOBs) and their family, parents and families of the present boys, and the public, to contribute to the projects needed for MCKK in 2021.

In addition to allocation and grants from the Government, MCKK has been receiving financial support from numerous supporters and stakeholders. From endowment it received, the Foundation have been making funds available to MCKK. The PIBG, chartered under the Education Act 1996, i.e., also spends its contributions towards MCKK and its students. MCOBA also fund raised for MCKK and in the past 10 years saw the X projects benefited MCKK tremendously.

And then Covid-19 sets in.

Covid-19 has reduced interaction between benevolent contributors on one hand, and MCKK, on the other, slowing down the contribution channel between them. Meanwhile, the needs of MCKK do not slow down.  There are always items to repair and improve, and given the various facilities MCKK has, the contribution channel must be optimised to reach contributors and sponsors.

The MCKK Stakeholders have come together to launch this fund-raising platform to benefit MCKK. The projects and initiatives listed in this platform have been curated by a joint stakeholder committee of MCKK Stakeholders with direct inputs from the management of MCKK.

The Projects

The MCKK Stakeholders were approached for the purpose of the swimming pool upgrading in March 2021. In order to evaluate the extent of work required for that purpose, volunteer construction consulting professionals and members of the Board of Governors inspected the facilities with the Principal in April 2021.  The inspection included evaluating other facilities recommended by the MCKK management to be upgraded.  From the list, it was agreed that the following projects are to be prioritized for 2021:

  1. Swimming Pool Upgrading
  2. Repainting and General Repairs of Form 5 Classrooms
  3. New Lavatory and Showers of the Gymnasium Toilet
  4. General Repairs of the Gymnasium
  5. Prep School Baths and Toilets (New Wall Finishes)
  6. General Repairs of the Squash Court
  7. MCKK ICT Infrastructure Upgrade

Methods of Fund Raising

This platform will serve as the central point for fund raising for the Projects. You may, as an individual choose to contribute any amount to any of the Projects. You may also, group yourselves together, in any form of initiatives, including a batch grouping, a parent grouping or a sports grouping to fund raise for any specific Project.

We also welcome corporate sponsorship in any form or kind.

All monies raised will be forwarded to a single purpose account held in the name of the Foundation. The funds will be disbursed through this account. The amounts raised will be displayed on this platform and we will announce the progress and completion of the Projects on regular basis.

We are counting on you to make this happen!


Now is the time to give back!