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General Repair of the Gymnasium.

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Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia


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The Gymnasium dates back to 1955. Other than the conditions stated here, the main structure and finishes of the Gymnasium are in reasonably good condition and can be in service for many more years to come considering it is more than 65 years old. Observations on need for improvement included broken roof panels which cause rain water to leak into the facility.

Whilst the flooring remains intact and can be used for indoor games, heavy exercise equipment placed at the Gymnasium poses safety risk when using the facility for sports activities.

The MCKK Stakeholders are interested to refurbish the facility. The Gymnasium can be used for indoor sports once the flooring is spruced up and the rough edges repaired. This will improve the quality of life for future Preppies.

The following findings were observed by the committee during their May 2021 assessment:

  1. Broken roof panels and leaking.
  2. Flooring generally still intact and usable.
  3. Wall wooden apparatus are still intact, although some are broken.
  4. Damaged gymnasium equipment.
  5. Basketball hoops and back boards are damaged.
  6. Leak and water damage along the building’s expansion joints.

Impacts to students:

  1. Gymnasium cannot be used for student activities.

The proposal:

  1. Replace electrical wiring and fittings (conduits, wiring, light fittings, etc).
  2. Repair roof panels to prevent leak and further damage to the wooden floors.
  3. Repair the wooden apparatus with new varnishing.
  4. Move the heavy gymnasium equipment from the wooden floor area.
  5. Replace side walls wire mesh and basketball back boards.
  6. Repair damaged flooring.
  7. Install new industrial low velocity-high flow ceiling fan.
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AIDIL AZIZ RM500.00 6 August 2021 3:23 AM
Anonymous RM30.00 5 August 2021 11:08 PM
Anonymous RM50.00 4 August 2021 11:46 AM
Husen Roslend RM250.00 2 August 2021 3:20 PM
Mohammad Jefri Mokhtar RM100.00 1 August 2021 6:16 AM